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Pre-construction Services

Pre-construction Services

Without any doubt, we want to help our clients achieve their project’s goals.

To do this, DMC has evolved to offer more than just the construction of their projects. It is (we think) important that Projects “Team Together”, the Client, all Consultants, and a General Contractor (CM), for a Better Project Experience.

Through this process DMC has provided several services, including most of the following:


  • Advice on Construction Methods, materials,
  • Review of Preliminary-Conceptual Designs
  • Develop and provide preliminary budgets
  • Provide Preliminary Schedules
  • With the above information, we can Value Engineer the design, components, weather schedules, trade and manpower availability and existing conditions of the site and existing buildings.
  • We can also provide assistance to secure all Consultants, including Geotechnical, Environmental & Hazardous Materials, Building Envelope and/or Roofing,etc..
  • Obtain Pre-excavation approvals, BC1, Alberta1 and Sask1, as well BCHydro, Fortis, Enmax, etc..