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General Contracting

General Contracting

Dayton Mills Construction Ltd. provides “Lump Sum” quotes on specific, well designed projects and/or those projects allowing Dayton Mills to explain their quotation formally.

DMC originated from the trades of concrete forming, cement finishing, framing, finish carpentry, cabinetry and a lot of manual labour.  Through the decades, this hands-on approach (and a lot of hard work) has allowed Dayton Mills to become the “General” or Primary Contractor of Projects.  This designation is linked to Lump Sum Contracts, thus a Firm Contract with the Owner of a Project.  This form of contract can work, however does rely on a solid relationship between the Owner, Architect and Prime Contractor.  As the saying goes, “A contract is only as good as the people involved and the Paper it’s written on”.


The days of an agreement, based on a handshake, may be gone, however our desire to provide a great product and service is what Dayton Mills Construction Ltd. has always been about.  “An Honest Day, for an Honest Dollar”

Many a contract is based upon the relationship between the Owner and the Contractor, assuring each other that if there are issues, those concerns will be brought to each other’s attention, if possible, and dealt with, before there are detrimental affects to the project.

As the General Contractor (Prime Contractor), we price, analyze, secure, contract, supply and coordinate Site Safety, Site Controls, Labour, Equipment, Trades, Materials, and much more, as defined in many standard Construction Contracts.

From small commercial “facials”, to extensive renovations, additions, tenant Improvements and New Construction, DMC is able to provide our clients flexible services to suit their needs.

  • New Buildings
  • Building Upgrades & Redevelopments
  • Retail Tenant Improvements
  • Office Tenant Improvements
  • Restaurant Tenant Improvements
  • Health – Clinics and Pharmacies
  • Group Services and Government
  • Manufacturing – Repair and Showrooms
  • Fitness